The beginning of the story is in this article.

An alternate stat distribution system - pointbuy


Hounds of Hell... In progress...

This page will be the home of the Hounds of Hell mercenary group. Stories of their adventures and details of equipment/people will abound.

Working on site design right now. Soon we will be getting some content in.

You should also check out some of our friends, and the Official Rifts Sites!



The site is done, although I will continue to tweak it. I am starting to get some content up. Melissa is pretty busy right now, but she will start writing stories in a few weeks. Until then we will just have to live with my data updates with weapons, power armor and vehicles. =P

New logo. Let's see how long I like it.

HOH logo

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1 Sunday, 13 September 2009 19:44
Melissa Binning
Now that you finished most of the site design get working on content =P
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